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We are an Easter People, and even at the grave, Alleluia is our song.

On dreams and work November 14, 2013

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I woke up this morning from a dream where I was in a giant snow sled going down a red track sort of like a luge or a crazy water slide. There were a dozen or so people in my sled. Something went wrong, and we tried to correct the course of the sled so we wouldn’t fall off (you know, like in Mario Kart, only without the cloud official to rescue you with a fishing pole).

Somehow, I caused the sled to veer completely off course. We left the track, fell hundreds of feet to the snow-covered ground below, and five or six people died.

I can picture five of them after they died. I was sort of the sixth. Initially in the dream I did die, but then I remember things after the crash, and I remember talking to people about the crash and wondering if I was a ghost. I also remember feeling immense guilt.

Maybe this has something to do with all the kids I’ve had in crisis this past week.  I think I need to practice more of the relaxation techniques I teach my clients. And also stop reading suspense novels before bed.


PS: Since I was here, I uploaded some sermons from the last few months.