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We are an Easter People, and even at the grave, Alleluia is our song.

What should be required reading for every single person in this country. May 10, 2013

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So there’s this webcomic called Hyperbole and a Half. You will probably eventually want to read ALL THE THINGS in the archives, but first, please go read her most recent posts, Adventures in Depression and Depression Part Two.
These two essays are like the Rosetta Stone for depression. As a social worker and a deacon and a person who has experienced chronic and major depressive episodes herself, I just want to reach through computer world and hug this woman, who shares so much of herself in these posts and brings such clarity and insight–and even humor–into a thing which is much stigmatized and much misunderstood.

I said yes. May 2, 2013

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We're engaged!

As if there could be any doubt. An ice cream cake with As you wish written on it? He’s perfect for me, and I love him so.